Top Doorslammer Australia



Team name: A&M Motorsport
Age: 53
State: N.T
Years in sport: 32
Car make: 1957 chev
Engine: 514 Hemi
Gearbox: 5 speed liberty
Diff: Mark Williams 12 inch
Hp: 3500 approx.
Pb: 5.82 @ 254mph
Fun fact: I don’t have a Xmas tree
Sponsors: Abel Tiling Service, ProGrindNT



Team name: Boomerang
Age: 59
State: W.A
Years in sport: 40
Achievements: Re-set MPH and ET records for AA/AP Multiple track records AA/AP
Car make: Holden Commodore
Engine: BAE Noonan
Gearbox: Liberty 5 speed
Diff: TSP
Hp: Fair bit
PB: 610 @ 237mph in AA/AP – 70% overdrive
Fun fact: I’m a good guy – just ask me
Sponsors: Just Flooring, Keys Family Racing, Applied Automotive, Head Torque



Team name: The Villian
Age: 52
State: N.S.W.
Years in sport: 36
Car make: Ford Mustang
Engine: BAE 521 Hemi
Gearbox: B&J
Diff: SCF Racecars / Toms 10″
Hp: 3000
PB: 5.94
Sponsors: SCF Racecars, Menscer Motorsport, Custom Bodyworks, Al’s Race Glides, Westend Performance, JC Race Stuff



Team name: Callaghan Racing
Age: 46
State: A.C.T.
Years in sport: 20+
Car make: 70.5 Camaro
Engine: Noonan Hemi
Gearbox: Liberty 5 speed
Diff: Steve Ham Diff
PB: 5.78 @ 258mph
Sponsors: Tyreplus Canberra



Team name: PC Racing
Age: 44
State: N.S.W.
Years in sport: 25
Achievements: Winner winter Nationals 2022, Winner Grudge Kings 2022, Winner Jamboree 2022
Car make: 68 Ford Mustang
Engine: 511 Pro Line
Gearbox: Liberty 5 speed
Diff: Newby billet 10.5
Hp: 4000
PB: 5.64
Sponsors: Custom Body Works, Als Race Glides, Moits Motorcars



Team name: Powerplay Drag Racing
Age: 56
State: S.A.
Years in sport: 27
Achievements: Westend Festival State Champion 1996, Winner of Super Gas Eliminator, National Regional
Car make: 1968 Chev Camro
Engine: AJPE 481X
Gearbox: Lenco 
Diff: Bruce Race Cars
PB: 5.96 @ 246.36mph
Fun fact: Played for Port Adelaide Football Club 1986-1991 SANFL
Sponsors: Vinnspin Auto, Carbone’s Crash & Motor Repairs, RaceBred Auto Electrical Solutions

Top Doorslammer Australia



Team name: Chapman Brothers Racing
Age: 57
State: W.A
Years in sport: 20+
Achievements: 2019 WADRA Doorslammer champion, 2013 Best engineered Westernationals, 2019 WADRA Best Engineered, 2019 top 5 Garry Miocevich trophy, 2019 WADRA Reverse gear of the year
Car make: 1959 Plymouth Fury
Engine: 521 TFX
Gearbox: Lenco CS2
Diff: Mark Williams 11”
PB: 5.82 @ 248mph
Fun fact: Mark And his Brother Garry make and Run their own Connecting Rods.
Sponsors: Penrite oils, Ausmain, Lost Racing Products, The Panel Shop, Motorsports Unlimited



Team name: A C Racing
Age: 56
State: W.A
Years in sport: 28
Achievements: Building my own car from scratch & progressing it to where we are now
Car make: Chev Corvette
Engine: 511 Cubic inch
Gearbox: Lenco
Diff: SCF
Hp: Lots
PB: 6.02
Fun fact: Going to stick with a clutch
Sponsors: ANK Engineering, Toms Towbars



Team name: Dack Attack Motorsport
Age: 27
State: W.A
Years in sport: 1
Achievements: Learning to drive a Doorslammer along side our Maddington Toyota Sprintcar Series Program, Achievements are being strong in our first outing, with more to come!
Car make: Larry Jeffers Racecars 1967 Ford Mustang
Engine: 509ci Noonan Hemi
Gearbox: Quickdrive Converter Drive with Liberty 5 Speed
Diff: Newby Engineering Billet 12”
Hp: 3000
PB: 5.97 @ 241mph
Fun fact: During my licensing pass, I attempted to pull a tear off, thinking I was still in my Sprintcar… shows muscle memory truly does exist within motorsport!
Sponsors: Midwest Concrete Pumping, MJ Walker, Walker Plumbers, Valvoline, Bayliss Electrical Group, Don Ott Racing Engines, West Construction



Team name: StripTease Racing
Age: 38
State: Q.L.D.
Years in sport: 20
Achievements: Multiple event wins in supercharged outlaws, Including the 2012 Nitro Champs. Runner up in the 2011/2012 ANDRA Championship fpr SC/O
Car make: Garrett / Larry Jeffers Racecars 1957 Chevrolet Crovette
Engine: 521 Hemi
Gearbox: Lenco, Bruno Drive
Diff: Strange 
Hp: 3000+
PB: 6.41 @ 218mph
Sponsors: Jason Cunliffe Racing Engines, JC Racestuff, MJB Bodyworks, Rogan Industries



Team name: Sigra Rollingstock Components
Age: 63
State: N.S.W.
Years in sport: 45 years racing motorcycles ( MX, Enduro, Dirt Drags, Drags) 18 years Doorslammer drag racing, 12 years in group 1
Achievements: 2009 Supercharged Outlaws track champion, 2009 Nitro Champs SCO winner, 2014 Australian Nationals TD winner, 2021 Nitro Champs Pro Slammer Runner up, 2022 East Coast Thunder Pro Slammer Runner up
Car make: 1959 Chrysler Saratoga
Engine: 521 Hemi
Gearbox: Clutch & 3 speed lenco
Diff: Strange 10.5″
Hp: 3500
PB: 5.673 @ 252mph
Fun fact: Raced motorcross, Enduro, Dirt Track, Drags (car & bike) & Mountain Bike since 1976
Sponsors: Sigra Rollingstock Components



Team name: Scratch & Match Motorsport
Age: 40
State: W.A
Years in sport: 21 years
Achievements: 2021/22 ADRC Top Doorslammer National Champion, Current Andra MPH record holder 258.84mph
Car make: Gforce 1968 Camaro
Engine: 521 Cubic inch BAE/Noonan Hemi
Gearbox: Chance lock up convertor/ QD lock up with a 5 SP Extreme T liberty
Diff: TSP 11” billet
Hp: 3500+
PB: 5.653 @ 259.87mph
Fun fact: At the age of 8 I was given only months to live from cancer , 30+ years on I’m living every day as my last and a Quarter of a Mile at a time literally
Sponsors: Scratch & Match Autocolour, Consolidated Group, Kerb Doctor, Westcoast Siteworks, Oil & Enery PTY LTD, S & S Industries, Dalisa Estate Winery, Signbiz WA, JC Race Stuff, Dirty Detailing, Final Drive Engineering, Gforce Race Cars, Resolution Racing Services, DMPE, Applied Automotive, Kinetic Engineering, RACIN

Top Doorslammer Australia



Team name: Scratch & Match Motorsport
Age: 33
State: W.A
Years in sport: Crewing 19 years, driver 1.5 years
Achievements: Australia’s quickest & fastest female Top Doorslammer driver, Finished 4th in rookie championship season
Car make: Haas 1967 Camaro
Engine: 521 Cubic inch BAE/Noonan Hemi
Gearbox: Chance lock up convertor/ QD lock up with a 5 SP Extreme T liberty
Diff: TSP 11” billet
Hp: 3500+
PB: 5.68 @ 251.12mph
Fun fact: I have an all female crew, This is the first known in the sport in group 1
Sponsors: Scratch & Match Autocolour, Consolidated Group, Kerb Doctor, Westcoast Siteworks, Oil & Enery PTY LTD, S & S Industries, Dalisa Estate Winery, Signbiz WA, JC Race Stuff, Dirty Detailing, Final Drive Engineering, Gforce Race Cars, Resolution Racing Services, DMPE, Applied Automotive, Kinetic Engineering, RACIN



Team name: Bad Influence II
Age: 32
State: Q.L.D.
Years in sport: 15
Achievements: 2009-2011 Super Street Australian Champion, 2009-2011 Willowbank track champion, A/MD record holder 2013-2015, 2014 Willowbank Modified track champion
Car make: Holden Monaro
Engine: 511 BAE
Gearbox: Lenco
Diff: Strange
Hp: 3500
PB: 5.88 @ 244 mph
Fun fact: One of the only footswap cars left in Doorslammer
Sponsors: Torquay Hervey Bay Hotel, Emerald Car Plus, Ryder Machining Services, GET Engineering, Childs Tyre Service, Bursons, KB Graphics, Blazecraft



Team name: Hewitt Racing
Age: 53
State: N.S.W.
Years in sport: 18
Achievements: Travelled the country with APSA & won a lot of shootouts with the series. Made a few finals in radial
Car make: Holden 2006 CV8Z Monaro
Engine: 521 cubic inch Brad block / Noonan heads
Gearbox: 3 speed turbo 400 & Non lock up convertor
Diff: Sheetmetal 
Hp: 3000+
PB: 6.23 @ 229 mph
Fun fact: I have only won a silver christmas tree & would love one day the gold
Sponsors: CBH Steel Moulds & Fabrication, Al’s Race Glides, Westend Performance, Wollongong Automotive Services, SCF Race Cars



Team name: Kapiris Bros Racing
Age: 59
State: VIC
Years in sport: 32
Achievements: ANDRA Championship, Previously held quickest slammer in the world & fastest slammer in Australia
Car make: Dodge Saratoga
Engine: BAE 
Gearbox: 3 speed Lenco
Diff: Newby
Hp: 4000
Pb: 5.78 @ 258.56mph
Sponsors: Kapiris Bros, McPhan Cranes & Transport, Feather-Lite Batteries, Racepak Australia



Team name: Shoebox Motorsport
Age: 51
State: N.S.W.
Years in sport: 30
Achievements: Winner Grudge Kings 2023, Finished 6th in Doorslammer 2023/2024 Championship
Car make: 1955 Chev
Engine: Miner Bros 525
Gearbox: 5 Speed Liberty
Diff: Newby
Hp: 3500
PB: 5.85 @ 246mph
Fun fact: Loves KFC
Sponsors: E1 Pool Certifier & TBA



Team name: Reads Drag Racing
Age: 54
State: S.A.
Years in sport: 26
Car make: 1967 GT500 Mustang
Engine: AJ 481X
Gearbox: B&J 3 Speed
Diff: McAmis Sheet Metal
PB: 6.40 
Sponsors: Reads Transport, Buchution Crash Towing, Finesse Detailing, DMPE





Team name: 4140 Racing (MISFIT)
Age: 52
State: Q.L.D.
Years in sport: on & off for 25
Achievements: Multi Sportsman / Jamboree / Pro Mod wins / runner ups, 2022 Winter Nationals Super Comp Runner up, Able to run in group 1 
Car make: 2023 Camaro
Engine: 521 BAE
Gearbox: Rossler 400, 3 Speed
Diff: Strange 10″
Hp: 2800-3000
PB: 5.84
Sponsors: Yes, please



Team name: RPMotorsport
Age: 54
State: Q.L.D.
Years in sport: 30+
Achievements: Built several cars over many years ranging from super street / sedan to supercharged outlaws before building current corvette slammer. I loved them all. Most recent win was Pro Slammer April 2022 Easter round pf IHRA Willowbank
Car make: 1963 Corvette
Engine: BAE Hemi 521
Gearbox: Bruno lock up drive with 3 speed Lenco
Diff: Carmack 11″
Hp: 3000
PB: 5.89et @ 249mph
Sponsors: Exhaust Clean Aust, Micks Towing Service, Exposed Engineering



Team name: AC Delco Slammer Drag Racing Team
Age: 31
State: N.S.W.
Years in sport: 30+
Achievements: Winning my first Gold christmas Tree & event in Top Doorslammer. Multiple event wins / NSW championships in Junior Dragster, Super Sedan & Top Sportsman
Car make: Holden Monaro 
Engine: BAE Hemi 521
Gearbox: 3 speed Lenco with Ty-drive
Diff: Newby Engineering
Hp: 3500+
PB: 5.67 @ 251mph
Sponsors: AC Delco, GM Trade Parts, Sigra Rolling Stock Components, JC Race Stuff, Morizzi Civil, VP Racing Fuels Australia, Motorsport Connections, Campisi Butchery



Team name: Spinozzi Racing
Age: 46
State: N.S.W.
Years in sport: 22
Achievements: Winner in Super Sedan, Winner in Super Stock, Australian National Record holder in Super Stock, 2x Runner up in Pro Stock, Fastest ever ET Record at that time, Winner in Pro Slammer
Car make: 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle 
Engine: DMPE Hemi
Gearbox: Liberty 5 Speed
Diff: Newby Engineering CNC Billet / Smithfield Diff & Gear 
Hp: 3500
Pb: 5.70et @ 261.67mph
Fun fact: Mr Squiggle is our crew chief 
Sponsors: Terra Civil, DMPE, Al’s Race Glides, Race Teknix, Smithfield Diff & Gear, Motorsport Database, Apollo Batteries, Alkypro, LJ Hooker Commercial Macarthur, Speedflow, Custom Bodyworks, PPT Plumbing, SCF Racecars



Team name: Generation-Y Drag Racing
Age: 36
State: S.A.
Years in sport: 6
Car make: 1968 Pontiac Firebird
Engine: 521 AJPE block / Noonan X1 headed Hemi
Gearbox: T400 Al’s Race Glides
Diff: Tom’s
Pb: 6.23
Sponsors: MAS Bricklaying, M & A Building Services, Adelaide Race Custom Bodyworks, Adami Sand & Metal, Al’s Race Glides, Moments Adelaide

Top Doorslammer Australia



Team name: Taylor Racing
Age: 53
State: WA
Years in sport: 19
Achievements: Western Nats
Car make: Chev
Engine: 511 HEMI
Gearbox: BnJ
Diff: Mark Williams
Pb: 5.89et @ 246mph
Sponsors: A1 Drainage Civil Contracting



Team name: Taylor Motorsports
Age: 42
State: W.A
Years in sport: 30
Achievements: 2023/2024 Australian Top Doorslammer Championship winner in rookie season, Current ANDRA ET Record holder 5.598, Current IHRA ET record holder 5.592 
Car make: 1969 GForce Chev Camro
Engine: BAE
Gearbox: Chance lock up convertor/ QD lock up with a 5 SP Extreme T liberty
Diff: TSP 11” billet
Hp: 3500+
Pb: 5.59 
Sponsors: Royal Precison Lubricants, EAD Industries, Pro Spray, WA Nitrous, Staunchbull 



Team name: Zappia Racing
Age: 60
State: W.A
Years in sport: 43
Achievements: 11 Top Doorslammer Championships, ANDRA record 5.68et & IHRA record 5.60
Car make: Holden 71 Monaro
Engine: NRE 511
Gearbox: B&J 3 Speed
Diff: Mark Williams 12”
Hp: 3600
Pb: 5.58et @ 260mph
Sponsors: Dananni Hotshots, Tonys Auto Wreckers, Fuchs Lubricants, Crow Cams, Noonan Race Engineering, Hoosier Racing Tyres, Motec, WA Suspensions, B&J Racing Transmissions, Striker Crushing and Screening, Applied Automotives, Avtrac Maintenance Tracking, Speedflow, CP-Carrillo, Reid Rockers, Total Seal, Competition Industrial Coatings, K Craft Bullbars, Final Drive, SDS Fuel Systems, Victory Valves, Aurora Bearing CO. Boninfante Frictions, Santhuff Struts and Shocks.